Bridal Bingo

Fun, free bridal shower game!

Fun, free bridal shower game!

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Bridal Bingo is a fun & free bridal shower game that replaces old school, paper bingo.


No more fumbling with card markers; the app makes it easy.

Easy bingo to play on phone or tablet. Great party or shower game. No limit on number of players.

This is not online bingo game. Bridal Bingo was designed for private use in the intimate setting of a bridal shower in hostess home.

Filled with 39, beautiful images. Users choose role of “host” or “player”. Choose “Host” to announce bingo images (or image number) in play. Choose “Play” for a randomly generated card. If image announced is shown on players card; players touch corresponding image to “X” & cover it up.

Each card is randomly generated & most likely no two players will have the same card.

Continue on til somebody yells “BINGO!”

Please share this application with friends and family who will be attending or hosting a bridal shower.

The app is Facebook shareable and also includes a direct link to rate us on iTunes. I would be most appreciative of any feedback!